Monday, May 24, 2010

Vintage Window

I am not sure just where this window falls into the scheme of things in the mixed media artistic world but I just refer to it as trash to treasure.  I found the
vintage window in one of our antique consignment stores and it was just the color I needed ... chippy and ready to use.  The hand crocheted piece I hunted for and found on Ebay.  It's original use was on the back of a vintage couch to protect the upholstery as heads lay to rest on it but makes a perfect little curtain topper.     I purchased a short curtain rod which I attached to the window and this hangs in my spare bedroom over the bed....kinda' acting like a headboard which the bed doesn't have.  There are no windows in the room so this acts as a faux window accent. 

I love taking things that are something and using in a totally different context.....

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