Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Steampunk Necklace Swap/Exchange

This necklace was done for an exchange swap.  We were to make a steampunk necklace using a metal tin.  I used a lip gloss, or moo tin for mine.  The necklace part is done with delicas in a smoke silver, some clear dynamyte beads and some ivory shell beads.  On the outside of the tin (which slides down to show the inside) I used a couple of watch faces, a long vintage aged key, some abalone buttons, a handmade lampwork bead in green and brown, and a couple of random jewelry accents.

Inside I added a pendelum and minature bottle of sand for my themed piece "Sands of Time and a Pendelum Swings". 

I am working on another one which just "fell together".  I need to work on the inside and then design the necklace portion.  I love designing and making pins, necklace and bracelets. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paint Blobs

I am going to be working on a "Junque (mixed media) Book" in the month of June so I have been thinking of different ideas to incorporate into the book that will be fun, colorful, and different.

When I finished working on a landscape painting I designed I took a picture of my paint palette full of blobs of paint and mix areas...then went on to a computer program I use and "blobbed" them even more to see how compatable my colors were. 

It turned out so neat that I am going to size the photo down, print it  and use it as a page in my "Junque Book".  Can't get much junkier that a dirty palette,  yet artistically , abstractly pretty when finished.

I thought others would like to see the before and after photo.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Vintage Window

I am not sure just where this window falls into the scheme of things in the mixed media artistic world but I just refer to it as trash to treasure.  I found the
vintage window in one of our antique consignment stores and it was just the color I needed ... chippy and ready to use.  The hand crocheted piece I hunted for and found on Ebay.  It's original use was on the back of a vintage couch to protect the upholstery as heads lay to rest on it but makes a perfect little curtain topper.     I purchased a short curtain rod which I attached to the window and this hangs in my spare bedroom over the bed....kinda' acting like a headboard which the bed doesn't have.  There are no windows in the room so this acts as a faux window accent. 

I love taking things that are something and using in a totally different context.....

Celtic Pale Blue Sea Glass Bracelet

Tonight I worked on a Celtic sea glass bracelet for myself. I love sea glass as it reminds me of family vacations at Geneva on the Lake, Ohio back in the 50's and early 60's.  My sister and I loved to walk the beach looking for sea shells and the many different colors of sea glass which washed up on shore.  

This sea glass is handmade lampwork which was etched with a special solution and is a very pale blue.  I used Tierra Cast culinary grade pewter which has been coated in sterling silver spacer beads, as well as one of their dainty small toggle clasps.  Hanging from the celtic focal piece; which I purchased on Etsy, I have hung another piece of sea glass and a small key. 

I need to get the lampworker to make me a set in lavender/purple....that would be so striking and beautiful....

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Our exchange/swap title for our Card of the Month was Asian.  It was a fun one and I really enjoyed using a mixture of items ...  I am trying to get away from painting but it is hard to do so as long as I incorporate other items, I still feel I am going out of the box for me, my normal comfort zone, and trying some new things.  Gold cording, jewelry charms, an old bone vintage earring, dragonfly stamp and of course the paper. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

How Orange

I love flowers and taking photos of flowers.  I purchased these to go into a rusted rooster yard planter and gee they look nice.  Reminds me of acrylic color:  Cadium Orange.  I know that somewhere along the line I will have to paint these flowers..



I love creating steampunk jewelry.  I haven't had the time yet to try something steampunk in paper media but I am sure, in time, this will occur.

The term was first introduced in 1987.  It combines romance and technology and romantic with no fussiness.

Copper and brass are most generally the metals of choice.  Remember there is the use of ink, paints, and  mediums to provide the desired "look" of these metals using paper and other non metal items.

In mixed media you will see a touch of humor with the mixture of romance, technology, time and the Victorian era elements.

Use vintage photos, lace, book pages, ribbon, postage stamps, and maps.  Recycled  leather, nuts, bolts, and vintage drawer hardware.  Monacles, militrary or religious metals, hinges, machine parts, tiny latches, glass, watch parts, skeleton keys, filigree items, beads, chain, etc. 

When using colors stick to blacks, grays, purples and reds.

Nearly all of my pieces go to my sisters' store in Pennsylvania.where they seem to sell well, especially the filigree antique typewriter letter rings.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Asian Art ATC's

Since I will be having company on and off from next week until the end of August when I fly back to Penna. for 2 weeks I have to stay on top of my swap/exchanges.  They have become an important part of my life....  These are for an Asian ATC swap.  I received a Panda ATC from Mary S. about a year ago which I ended up matting and framing so decided to see if I could
do one as cute as the one I had rec'd....my own design.  I also love bamboo, and added just a smidgin' of hologram glitter here and there to just add a bit of glitz....  Next I need to work on and finish an Asian card ... 
weeks I have to stay on top of my swap/ex

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Card of a Different Fold

Our card of the month swap was titled "A Different Fold"  and "Think Flowers".  I  really enjoyed working with this one.  I inserted some punched flowers and leaves on the inside,  blank paper for my partner to write a note, and a raised plastic Hello button.

The Edges have been punched for a lacey edge. 

I tied on a button and then tied on some mauve rayon thread to be wound around the card and button to close.  Added some lampwork beads to the thread ends, and some swarovski flat crystals and the fold is
a trifold with both sides being different. 

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