Thursday, March 25, 2010

Encaustic Art Dominoe Necklace

Today I decided to see if the encaustic waxes would work on my dominoes....oooeee they certainly did and this dominoe was my favorite so I decided to stop everything, go through my stash and find beads to make a necklace.  I had handmade lampwork beads in brown and Czech glass beads which matched perfectly also so it came together just as I had imagined it when I lifted my tiny little iron and saw how "neat" the painting had turned out. 

The colors in the piece are red, turquoise blue, purple, shades of brown and even a little grey.  The photo doesn't do the painting justice.  At the bottom right is what looks to be stairs with a person going up them.  In the middle towards the bottom is a troll type monster, at the very bottom is some kind of a reptile, and I just love the upper right double "blue moon"....  The entire piece appears to be the inside of a cave and truly a piece of "fantasy encaustic art".  I named this piece "Troll Moon".

The dominoes are larger than normal and a cream colored resin.  When I purchased them I drilled holes in some of them for jewelry focal pieces.  The one I used for my necklace were drilled from right to left through the side.  Others I drilled in the middle top from front to back and others are not drilled at all and I will paint these horizonally so that a bale can be attached, or maybe a pin.  I also have jewelry dominoes which are petite so I am going to tape three of them together on the back side and make larger encaustic paintings for larger sized necklace focals. 

I am REALLY enjoying the Encaustic waxes and can see that I will be adding additional colors to what I have as well as some of the metallics.


Vicki and Don said...

WOW! No other always your work amazes me! Love it!

Jan said...

Diana, I love the domino, and the choice of beads. Great job.

Tolegranny said...

Wow sure took to this new art form for you. Of course all that you do is excellent right from the start. I don't think there is anything you couldn't pick up and make a masterpiece from the beginning.

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