Monday, September 21, 2009


**New books have arrived and will be added one at a time to my Etsy Site beginning 9.30 until all 5 have been listed.**
I have been hunting for some books to "learn by" that don't cost an arm and a leg. I have a couple for sale now and will have the following order was placed today.
Tim Holtz Distressables #2 $14.99 plus shipping

Tea Bag Papers $6.99 plus shipping

Embroidery on Paper $11.99 plus shipping

Magic w Vellum $12.99 plus shipping

Classy Canvas $12.99 plus shipping

Shipping will be as "actual" as possible.

I can hardly wait till they arrive. They will be available on my Etsy site: or you can go through my website:

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Tolegranny said... have been holding out on us. I love the star book. I think we need a swap for that one.

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